cofre: Encrypted file storage

What is cofre?

It is an application that saves documents in encrypted form. When you open the application, the password of the last document that was saved is that was saved. It is ideal for saving confidential information in the form of text, passwords, bank details, and other data that should not be accessed by the public.


  • Pressing save encrypts the contents of the file.
  • When reopening the file it asks for a password
  • It is ideal for storing passwords, confidential data, and other data that should not be accessed by the public.
  • It is an alternative to encrypting a Word or Excel document, it is much easier to use.

Advanced Features

  • Multiple encrypted files can be saved, but the last saved file opens when opened.
  • It has the tools to all editors, copy, paste, search, etc.
  • Extremely compact, can be installed in any folder, including a flash drive
  •  Be careful with the password: if it is lost, the content of the file is lost.

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