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Introducing SAETA: a reporting distribution system

What is Saeta?

This application allows the distribution of files through configurable mails or folders in the intranet.


Allows you to configure general elements of the application, such as home folders and support mail.

Allows configuring the MSSQL instance to be used, as well as the account data to perform the authentication.

Allows you to configure the data of the SMTP server that will be used to send the emails.

Allows you to configure the default details of the mail to be sent. You can indicate labels that will be replaced by the data of the corresponding worker.

Allows you to configure each of the reports handled by the system. In this option you can enable or disable the reports, indicate the location of the reports, indicate if you want to send to the mail, save in a folder of the intranet or both.

Advanced Characteristics

Encryption of configuration files

Add a security level to the MSSQL account data or the mail server.

Select where the configuration files will be saved

Do your company's policies require that configuration data be stored in a special place? No problem, you can select where the data will be saved, either in the folder where the application is located or in a folder specially designed for this purpose.


Enter a delay between sending emails


You can indicate how many seconds there should be between sending emails.

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